Hos Royal Skønhed har vi vores helt egen negle specialist Ana Kovcheva, hun har 4 års erfaring som negle teknolog.  

Hendes motto er: 

"Kvalitet og gøre kunderne glade"


Royal Nails Studio Ani presents the brand "Le Vole Professional" and introduces to You building materials and nail design, produced in the USA, Germany and France!


All products are successfully developed on the basis of the latest advances in the pharmaceutical industry and are produced in accordance with the requirements of the modern society.

In the process of manufacturing the products are used raw materials of leading companies in Europe, Japan and the USA.


The company continually improves its products with the advice of the best designers and tutors from all continents.


All of the products are manufactured to the international standard GMP and comply with the European Cosmetics Directive. The headquarters of the company is located in Odessa, Ukraine, while the production of nail polish is in Germany and France.

Direkte Kontakt : 50 39 39 72